The Pennant Group

A little about us...

Tom Mastny

After graduating from Furman University in 2003, I spent 8 years playing professional baseball, including 3 years in the MLB with the Cleveland Indians, and 1 year overseas.

In 2009 I took an opportunity to play professionally in Japan, this is where the shift in mindset occurred.

Spending a year with an interpreter made me quickly realize that effectively communicating important details was key to understanding the situation and its outcome. It was also clear that honesty and integrity could not be misrepresented.

These early experiences shaped my mindset for life and business; Goals are reached, and change happens with hard work, dedication, communication, and transparency.

For the last 10+ years I have spent my business career in HR and benefits. As the founder of The Pennant Group, my vision is to effectively create, translate, and communicate benefits strategies for my clients. In an industry where data and transparency are hard to find, I work alongside employer executives to uncover the hidden cost savings and potential pitfalls within their employee benefits program.

-Tom Mastny

Chief Executive Officer

“When called up, my promise is to be a valuable member of YOUR Team.”

Our Team Culture

Be a Team Player

It's not about us, it's about the team; and we are an extension of our client's team.

Be a Pro

Anticipate every next move with proactivity.

Have Integrity

Be honest in all
that you do.

Don't be a Rookie

Focus today on what you can do to be even better than yesterday.

Fight for Resilience

Don't sweat the small stuff- it is what it is.


End your work day knowing your clients are safe and secure.