Our formula…

We, at The Pennant Group, strive to find sustainable benefit solutions that offer true long-term value to help you attract and retain quality employees. We take a client-focused approach instead of a product-driven “one-size-fits-all” mentality.

To companies with an established team, we are an extension of that team that provides business consulting services centered in benefits so that you can be confident in knowing your decisions are well informed and intentional. That’s because unlike any other insurance or consulting firm, we are not our number one priority; you are.

Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits are unique to each organization. We, at The Pennant Group, understand that there is not a one size fits all solution. We work as part of your team to consult on products that offer you the outcomes you desire in a benefits program. 

Account Management

Managing an employee benefits program requires time, effort, and attention to details. We work along side your organization to be an extension of your team. We offer solutions to help your organization reduce workload, mitigate risk, and remain compliant. Services include:

Employee Communication

Knowledge is power. Our mission is to help control the costs of medical care, not only for the employer, but ultimately for the employee. Understanding how your benefits program works, what drives the costs, and how to mitigate that risk comes with transpatency and communication.

These all help to educate your population. We are experts with intentionality.

Data Analytics

In order to control their cost of healthcare, our clients must understand what is driving their cost. Our proactive approach to insurance requires effort from our team. Our mission is to help you see around corners and better predict what is coming. Proactive vs. Reactive. We believe that data is the key to cost containment and risk mitigation. We work behind the scenes to analyze, dissect, and ultimately present the data in a usable way to our clients. Understanding how the data is impacting your plan is the key to implementing solutions to control your costs. Our proven technology, solutions, and process are helping our clients take back control